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Features Cubipark

This parking system design can be built with more than two tower for increased parking capacity.

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Recent Technology

This automated parking is made up of steel beams and columns what makes it secure.

Automatic Parking

CubiPark is a fully automated car parking that is ideal for small spaces.

EV Charger System

The Cubipark parking has an Ev charging, (Electric Vehicle Charging Station). It is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric power for recharging electric vehicles. What makes it friendly for all users and for the planet.

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A new and safe system

CubiPark is a parking system with vertical allocation of parking rooms and vertical movement of lifts, is ideal to maximize parking in small places. For example, if in a space required only for 3 parking spots, it can increase the capacity by up to 15 times.

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Our Works

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  • Omri Shafran - CEO

    Houston Texas

    All the team of CubiPark constantly works to grant you a new parking experience with the use of a new technology which allows a better use of space and provides insurance for your car.