Who We Are

At CubiPark we are dedicated to being the one stop shop for all of our client's smart parking management needs. Headquartered in one of American's most car congested cities, Houston, TX, CubiPark recognized the need to provide a solution that not only is economically sustainable to its clients but as well as serve under the smart spaces industry.

We recognize that with the increase in populations globally and in car ownership, the new challenge has become spaces, this includes parking space. With the lack of space in our day to day operations places like our work-spaces are being challenged with accommodating parking, CubiPark is able to offer the perfect solution! Expanding parking all while compacting it at the same time and equipping it with cloud based and AI infused technology makes it undoubtedly the way of the future in parking!

We help our customers with automatic parking.

CubiPark is a parking model where cars are moved by an integral-lift carriage. This type is suitable for public and private parking. It can be built below or above ground, with access point above or below the parking levels.


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